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Photographer Mentorships by EMBY TAYLOR PHOTOGRAPHY

You are chasing your dreams to be the best photographer in your area! At times this can be a challenging task. We have navigated many of the obstacles that have snagged others. Our experience in shooting premium level weddings in the Charlotte, North Carolina area has taught us much. Additionally, we have worked alongside the likes of David Tutera, we remain the official photographer to the Carolina Bridal Fair where we have been asked to perform guest speaking engagements. Our wedding images have been featured in some of the front running bridal magazine publications including Carolina Bride and Inspire Weddings & Marriage. We know what it takes to make your bride overjoyed with her wedding day images. We know what it takes to grow your business and perhaps double or triple your business revenue in the very near future.

We made a promise to ourselves when we entered the wedding photography realm that when the time was right we would give back. Our goal is to make someone else’s path to success easier than it was for us. Pay it forward right!

Emby Taylor Photography is now thrilled to offer 1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions ! ! !

With a little luck and a lot of hard work we have grown our photography dream into a thriving reality. Let us share with you what it takes to take your business to the next level.

$300 - 90-min. Mentoring Session - 1.5 hours with just us!

$500 - 3 hour Mentoring Session - 3 hours with just us - We can cover all the topics that you are most interested to learn about. How to stand out in the crowd? Workflow? Improving your imagery? Marketing? Business Strategies? Advanced Photo Techniques? Anything you’d like to discuss!

$1000 - 8 hour Mentoring Session - A full day with us is a small investment towards moving your business dreams towards a realized dream! We can cover any/all topics that are of most interest to you. We can concentrate on the business or work with you on camera technicals…or a combination of both. The idea is this time needs to best serve you and we are happy to mold these mentoring sessions so as to best serve you. We can share successful marketing strategies that have worked, take a deep dive into your website and online presence including your social media strategies. If you want a day of hands on camera work we can do that to. What is it that you need most? Let’s talk!

We really do want to help each and every one of you but like most of you, we do have limited availability for these sessions. With that in mind our intent is to schedule a very limited number of these sessions per month. We are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you are local to the Charlotte, NC area we can meet in person if you’d like. Alternatively, we’ll use whatever methods are available to you…Skype, Facetime, telephone, etc.

For more details, or to schedule your mentoring session with Emby Taylor Photography please contact us at:

We look forward to working with you!

Emby Taylor Photography